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Markus Lüpertz | Almine Rech Gallery Burssels

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Markus Lüpertz

Is one of the main figures of post World War II art landscape as well as a neo-expressionist. 

The second World War is visible in his works but this is not all that defines his works, there is more than meets the eye. This is what he hopes that as an admirer or a critic take away from his art pieces, his opinion or what he painted doesn't really matter. he wants you as an audience to enjoy his artworks based on your story and your experiences. The story he thought of while he painted is just one of the many valid interpretations.

Long story short, what follows will be totally personal and subjective, as the artist intended. ;)

First Room

*All the photos are credited to Almine Rech Gallery

this room I stapled as the "the dark gray city".
And I envisioned two different for this name.

In the First story,
I watch through my eyes as a kid and here it's quite literal.
In the city, gray speaks for itself everything is gray here. Still, I cannot shake a feeling of darkness, these cities they have something bleak and scary over them. Everything is too big and crowded, I don't like it here too many unknowns.

Nowadays I have found the color and life in a city (I live in a city myself and love the excitement). But I will always remember that initial feeling.

The second story is more metaphorical,
These dark gray cities I see in his painting represent industrialization, capitalism, and individualism and how to find yourself among this oasis of gray. As a 21year-old girl, the paintings looked like the harsh parts of reality I have to cope with today.

Second Room ( a change of tone. A lighter tone?)

*All the photos are credited to Almine Rech Gallery

As soon as I walked down to the second room, I immediately noticed that the artist's style really changed. In this room, I saw brighter colors and mythological stories too. 

All of these paintings and sculptures reminded me of the time when I first started painting. I was depressed and I cried every night. I needed an outlet for these feelings. I found this outlet in the form of painting abstract images on a canvas. While I tried to hide my true emotions in real life these painting reflected the truth even though they where bright and colourfull the deeper meaning shone trough. My close friends saw my moods in these paintings and they felt what I couldn't explain with words. This is why I think I feel darkness behind the light in these paintings.

Third Room

*All the photos are credited to Almine Rech Gallery

In the third room, I saw a lot of combat helmets and skeletons in the paintings. I felt lonely and cold when I saw them. I couldn't feel anything but loneliness.

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