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Living Stone Art | Art in Antwerp

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Living Stone Art

Mechelsesteenweg 9, 2018 Antwerp
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 11h - 18h.

21, 22 Oct. 2017.14h - 19h

Apparently there will be an event on this Saturday and Sunday to appreciate new artworks from Nele Jacobs in the store. It will be a good experience for you if you would like to see her artworks or you are interested in sculptures. 


Today, I visited an art gallery where I always passed by when I walked to the city centre.
Also, since I was the only customer at that time, I had a chance to talk to an owner of this gallery, Cathy. 

As the name says, there were lots of sculptures and hard-material art pieces.

In this gallery, you would find many of this type of framed artworks. Those are all created by Nele Jacobs who is a Belgian artist. According Cathy, the artist has been working with this gallery for long so, she often makes artworks only for this gallery. 

It was a shame that I couldn't capture the art pieces well due to the light.

I also liked the sculptures of animals. They were so well-made and beautiful. Apparently, every sculpture is all handmade by its artist.

There were also 'REAL' animals - stuffed birds and framed butterflies.
I know some people think having a stuffed animal is a bit creepy considering it's technically a dead animal. But for me, they all looked so beautiful, no matter what. 

They also had a wine section. All the bottles wore beautiful labels which were designed by artists.
The wine bottles themselves were such an art there!

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