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I applied to launch my emoticons on Kakaotalk! | Serene Graphic Design

Monday, October 23, 2017
Hello guys! I am happy to announce that I submitted my emoticons to the Korean popular chatting app, "Kakaotalk"! Now I am waiting for the result of an evaluation which takes about 2 weeks. I really hope my emoticons will get accepted by the Kakaotalk Emoticon Studio and I can see my friends and families using my emoticons. These would make me cry out of joy!!

It took me forever to finish the project although I only made 24 emoticons. First of all, it was difficult to make a 'cute character'. I mean, it really made me realize that all the animators, cartoonists, and everybody who works makes adorable characters are really talented. Second of all, I went through a couple of moves, holidays,... Anyways! I forgot about this project for 3months. At the start of this project, I wanted to make them as 'iMessage stickers' (*I will make an English version too.). But for this, I had to learn how to work with Xcode. So that kind of stopped my project in its tracks too. 😅  So for now, I tried my luck on the Kakaotalk Emoticon Studio which is much easier to develop for and has a larger number of emoticon users since Koreans love their emoticons! hehe. So, here you go, I am introducing my emoticons to you. I hope they look 'cute enough' for you! haha

This series in English would be 'A day of Onigiri' on the AppStore. However, in Korean, I named it '표정 부자 삼김이니' which could be translated as 'Are you the Sam-Kim in different moods?'. Sam-Kim is an abbreviation of 'samgak kimbap' (삼각김밥; onigiri). I put some buzz words such as '표정 부자'  ( literally means a man rich of facial expressions) and '-이니' which is an ending of a word that implies a question in a sentence but needs a question mark with it. But by not putting a question mark at the end of the word, I made it look like one word and it makes the word funnier. (Don't worry, it's a Korean thing. It's okay not to understand this!)

I based these emoticons on my daily life. I thought about 'what I often say when I talk to my friends' and 'what kind of emoticons or emojis I've always wanted to find'. 

I only put 12 of 24 emoticons here for the blog post. But! I will put other 12 if I get a result from Kakaotalk emoticon studio. Wish me a luck!

Lastly, I would absolutely like to have some feedback or ideas from you. So let me know if you have an idea for my next project.

Thank you! 

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