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I applied to launch my emoticons on Kakaotalk! | Serene Graphic Design

Monday, October 23, 2017
Hello guys! I am happy to announce that I submitted my emoticons to the Korean popular chatting app, "Kakaotalk"! Now I am waiting for the result of an evaluation which takes about 2 weeks. I really hope my emoticons will get accepted by the Kakaotalk Emoticon Studio and I can see my friends and families using my emoticons. These would make me cry out of joy!!

It took me forever to finish the project although I only made 24 emoticons. First of all, it was difficult to make a 'cute character'. I mean, it really made me realize that all the animators, cartoonists, and everybody who works makes adorable characters are really talented. Second of all, I went through a couple of moves, holidays,... Anyways! I forgot about this project for 3months. At the start of this project, I wanted to make them as 'iMessage stickers' (*I will make an English version too.). But for this, I had to learn how to work with Xcode. So that kind of stopped my project in its tracks too. 😅  So for now, I tried my luck on the Kakaotalk Emoticon Studio which is much easier to develop for and has a larger number of emoticon users since Koreans love their emoticons! hehe. So, here you go, I am introducing my emoticons to you. I hope they look 'cute enough' for you! haha

This series in English would be 'A day of Onigiri' on the AppStore. However, in Korean, I named it '표정 부자 삼김이니' which could be translated as 'Are you the Sam-Kim in different moods?'. Sam-Kim is an abbreviation of 'samgak kimbap' (삼각김밥; onigiri). I put some buzz words such as '표정 부자'  ( literally means a man rich of facial expressions) and '-이니' which is an ending of a word that implies a question in a sentence but needs a question mark with it. But by not putting a question mark at the end of the word, I made it look like one word and it makes the word funnier. (Don't worry, it's a Korean thing. It's okay not to understand this!)

I based these emoticons on my daily life. I thought about 'what I often say when I talk to my friends' and 'what kind of emoticons or emojis I've always wanted to find'. 

I only put 12 of 24 emoticons here for the blog post. But! I will put other 12 if I get a result from Kakaotalk emoticon studio. Wish me a luck!

Lastly, I would absolutely like to have some feedback or ideas from you. So let me know if you have an idea for my next project.

Thank you! 

1 comment on "I applied to launch my emoticons on Kakaotalk! | Serene Graphic Design"
  1. Hi Serene, this is Mariana Wolphgram from México. I'm a designer too and I'm a giphy artist and as a hobbie I design animated stickers that you can freely use in instagram stories and snapchat, I have been lucky because seems my stickers are kind of popular on social network; I love Korean culture and been in Seoul a few times, my korean friends have told me to try design emoticons for kakao and actually make some profit from it, but even thou I have a kakao emoticon studio account, I'm still thinking if is worth it to invest time and effort to design emoticons to sale them. Based in your experience, what do you think about it? Did you make some profit with your emoticons?, or at least did you have a good experience or good coments about it? --- BTW, your cute character makes me hungry ㅋㅋㅋ
    Sorry the long comment, hope you can give me some feedback about this matter.


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