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I moved to Belgium

Sunday, August 20, 2017
As the title says, I moved to Belgium. For now, I am living in a house of my boyfriend's mom since I arrived at the end of June. I went to France with his mom's family and his dad's family for 2 weeks each from 19th of July and I came back to Belgium as of August 19th. So, here now, I am going to tell you how I ended up moving to Belgium.

My Belgian Boyfriend

I know you might be surprised that I met a Belgian guy in Canada (Montreal) and also might think that I am crazy that I decided to move to Belgium only after 6months or so of the relationship. But yes, I did this. It is definitely a lie if I say I chose to live in Belgium only without any influence by my boyfriend. He absolutely affected to decide my next destination. 

However, this was not the only reason why I could leave Montreal.

I knew that I couldn't go there only for him and I would need a reason to go there. Honestly, this topic, 'Should Serene go to Belgium?' was the biggest arguments we had so far. Since I also didn't want to go to another foreign country with no reason/purpose, I started to figure out what I would do in Belgium. I was discreetly searching for jobs in Belgium, universities in Belgium, and googling Belgian weather, living expenses in Belgium and so on. My original plan in Montreal was going to a university after getting a permanent residency there. But considering it might take at least 1 year and a half, going to a university in Belgium seemed very reasonable for my time and money. 


So, I am going to VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and am going to study a bachelor program of Social Science (communication).  I applied for the program at the last-minute and got accepted! 😆
Speaking of my parents who also supports my financial situation, they were happy that I am finally going back to study and that the tuition fee wasn't that expensive. Of course, I will have to work for my living expenses but I am very thankful that my parents are supportive of my study and my move to Belgium. 


I am preparing to get my student visa here in Belgium. (Because of my nationality, I could stay in Schengen countries for 90days) Actually, it is complicated than I anticipated. I am now waiting for all my documents that were issued in South Korea and Canada to come to Belgium. So, I can submit my visa application as soon as I get the documents. I am crossing my fingers to this. haha

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