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Toronto Trip Advise | Serene Life

Thursday, May 11, 2017

This was my second trip to Toronto.

  On my first trip which was in October 2015, I only went to malls, city halls, Art gallery of Ontario, and Toronto Island. The only thing I liked was Toronto Island. So I posted about Toronto Island only. (Click To See) My problem with the first trip was mainly that I did not search or look up for any attractions. I literally had no idea what to see. Well, It is more correct to say that I went there to see my friends and eat some Korean foods. lol 

 Actually, I am not the one who reads a guidebook before I head to the place. I usually decide to go on a trip inspired by some travel bloggers' posts, amazing photos on social media, or my friends' experiences. Luckily, now I have a good boyfriend who is passionate to travel. Since I started to traveling with him, I'd always see more than I could ever see if I traveled alone. That is also why I could write about my travel in a more organized and informative way. I'm always grateful that he's in my life. ☺️ 

(*Food tips would be proper? haha)

1. University of Toronto

Frankly, I never thought the university would be this beautiful!

I didn't have a high expectation on the university but this place was absolutely an attraction in Toronto. Especially if you are crazy about architecture, antique furniture, and line. When I went there, there were wedding ceremonies going on and I also saw a couple taking photographs for their wedding. I mean, I am not the only one who thinks the place as beautiful. 😌

2. Kensington Market.

You can find anything here! Anything from everywhere!
* Kensington Market is very close to the University of Toronto so, you can walk down from the university.*

- Mare Pizzeria

First, I had a slice of Pizza at Mare Pizzeria where one of my friends used to work.
The pizza was good and cheap! 🤑 I guess it would be good for a quick lunch or a hangover food.

- Wafels & More

Again, my boyfriend is Belgian yet I haven't tried any good waffles, we had to visit this place where you can find 100% authentic Belgian waffles. According to him who already tried the waffle last year when the store was just open, the Liege waffle is very authentic. My opinion? Yes! it is DELICIOUS! I found that the batter was very different. For the Liege waffle, it was more like a dough, not a batter. Also, it was a bit gooey, not bready. 

personally, the waffle was delicious but the ice cream was okay...😅

there are seats inside and outside

3. Other Restaurants.

-Lazy Daisy's Cafe

If you are around this district and plant based eater, this is the cafe you should go!

This is not a vegan place but you will still feel comfortable.

Because there are lots of vegetarian bakes and dishes. Otherwise, you can ask for customizing. Although they use free range eggs, I don't like to eat eggs. So, I didn't put any egg in my biscuit but I put more avocados. 🥑

Carrot muffin with coconut cream!


Such a cool place to enjoy a Thai food!

Pad thai
The most thing I liked about this place was that you can make almost every dish vegan!! Yas!!!! (I know how it feels like when you go to a cool place but there is no vegan option... and not even a vegetarian option...) hehe, so no worries! This place is safe, vegetarians! 😉

4. The Distillery District.

I love this area so much! It quite looked like Old Montreal but a bit different.

You can just walk around boutiques around here or eat.

I recommend you to try chocolate at SOMA.

I ate a lot of chocolate and ice cream here. In my very honest opinion, I liked the pistachio chocolate and Vietnamese coffee chocolate. Other things were just all right. I didn't really enjoy their ice cream. Anyway chocolate always makes us happy right? hehe

So, these are pretty much it about my Toronto Trip! I hope you all enjoyed my blog post.


Ps. This time, I stayed in my boyfriend's friend's, took an Amigo Express when I went to Toronto and took a Megabus when I came back to Montreal. 

How To Korean BBQ (Vegetarian Options)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sun's out We're out for BBQ!

1. Check-list

  • Korean BBQ (one-burner stove (like this) + grill(like this))* - you can find at Korean grocery stores. 
  • Gas for the bbq burner (like this)
  • Pork belly (Thicker ones are better in my opinion.) (I bought at Viandal Verdun*) 
  • Vegan Sausage (for vegetarians including me)
  • King oyster mushrooms (sliced)
  • Onion (sliced)
  • Garlic (sliced)
  • Lettuce (for wraps)
  • Ssamjang (dip sauce)*
  • Radish wraps
  • Chilies (optional)
  • Kimchi

Korean BBQ in a restaurant of Korea

Ssamjang (credit:

radish wrap (credit:

2. Vegan Option

- Vegan sausages 

- As a vegetarian having a non-vegetarian boyfriend who was keen to try Korean BBQ, I had to throw a bbq party. In fact, the reason why I could do the bbq was I knew a really good vegan sausage brand, Gusta ( hehe. 

They do have really good sausage! I mean... SO GOOD. My favorite is Italiana and I found Espanola is quite spicy. I tried other vegan sausages from different companies, but they just tasted like 'fake sausage'...literally. But this one, they made it so well! It is definitely not meat but it is very flavorsome. When I also made a Korean style bbq wrap with kimchi and ssamjang, the taste also blended very well.

- King Oyster Mushrooms

photo credit:

This is not only an option for vegetarians but for everyone!! If you want to do Korean BBQ, you better have this mushroom!

Photo credit:
Slice the mushrooms like the picture and grill them! It tastes so super when you dip it in a sesame oil sauce -sesame oil + salt + sesame seeds(optional).

3. How-to Korean BBQ?

1) Set your bbq first.

Place bbq pan on top of the stove and place a little bowl right below where the hole in the pan is.

2) Grease the pan with a little fat of pork belly. (you can skip this too.)

We do not need any oil in the pan, but to make the bbq easier, you can put a little bit of pork fat on the pan.

3) Grill them.

You can place ingredients- pork belly, vegan sausage, mushrooms, onions, garlic, kimchi( preferably at the end in order to make the pan clean for other rounds.) in the pan. And wait till they are cooked.

4)GO DIG IN!!!!

You can wrap the pork belly or vegan sausage with lettuce, radish wrap, kimchi, onion, garlic, ssamjang, etc. Literally, make your own wrap and eat it!

* I did the Korean BBQ with my boyfriend who is Belgian and his French roommates. Except for me and my boyfriend, they never had Korean BBQ before but they really enjoyed it. I couldn't take any pictures there since I was just enjoying the bbq as well. Korean BBQ is really easy to do if you have the equipment. Even the equipment is not very expensive. If you can't find the Korean bbq pan, then you can also just do with a regular frying pan too. I bet the taste would be a little bit different, but you can still do the bbq. Actually when I was younger and when my mom wanted to do little bbq for dinner, she just did it with a frying fan on a regular stove. It was still tasty for me.

As the summer is coming, why don't you try the Korean BBQ at a park or in your backyard? It must be very pleasant for all of you!

Happy BBQ!!

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