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Vermont Trip Advice (Burlington, Waterbury, Stowe, Richmond) | Serene Life

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vermont is by far the best staycation place!

Beautiful lakes, mountains, and parks...
Every nature you should enjoy in life is in Vermont!

0. What to bring with me for my Vermont trip?

  • Car with well-conditioned tires
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking shoes
  • Camera

1. Where to stay in Vermont?

Your trip starts from your accommodation. You can stay in a hotel room, but why don't you be little bit hippie for a day and absorb all the power of nature! 😆 hahaha

"I recommend you to stay in a house where has a farm or a good view. "

I stayed in an Airbnb and it was fantastic. I loved that the house was located in a lower part of a mountain. Although, because of that, the house was very cold but no matter what, it was totally worth experiencing.

When my boyfriend and I went there on 7th April.2017 to 9th April.2017. On 7th and 8th it was quite cold because of snow. But surprisingly or not, Sunday which was on 9th was very very sunny. So, all the snow was gone and was very warm. (If you never been to North-north America, FYI it's a normal thing in here...) 😂

This is the Airbnb my boyfriend and I stayed, I recommend this place since the hosts were super nice and there were lots of things to see around the house. Plus, the location was perfect for going out to a town and basically everywhere in Vermont. Oh, also I have to say this! the hosts, Mike and Rachel make great honey!! I never tried unfiltered honey before but my boyfriend had. So he was so excited to try it and we bought a jar of it. It was very good!! My boyfriend is very happy with this honey. Honestly, I am not crazy about this honey, but I could say it was very nice honey.

The hosts' barn (there were a horse and a flock of ducks inside)

You can check out my wish list that I made for the trip if you are also looking for a place to stay in Vermont. (My wish list)

You can also use my discount code that I have if you never used Airbnb before. (Click to Get 50 CAD OFF)

2. What to see in Vermont?

  • Burlington

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park 
Church Street Market Place

* There are lots of shopping centers and stores in this area. After or before shopping, you can go to the waterfront park to see the lake and take a stroll.

  • Camel hump mountain 

Sorry! I only have these photos in the mountain. I suffered to go up and down without any proper gear with me. Do not climb a mountain without proper gears.. Especially when there is some snow (or loads of snow on the mountain) hahaha Anyway I had fun! And got some muscles! So it's all good :)

  • Waterbury - Ben and Jerry's Factory

We had a tour there and it was pretty fun! By the way, I very happy that Ben and Jerry's make vegan ice cream now! (I am Pescatarian and sometimes eat dairy products such as cheese and ice cream. But for me, eating a dairy food never helps me digestively. I have a serious problem with this!!

Back to the point, this is a really fun thing to do in Vermont. Especially if you have a kid or if you just are a big fan of Ben and Jerry's. 

  • Stowe

Again, this is the only picture I got from Stowe, but my boyfriend and I only took a stroll and talked at a cafe. And Stowe was the perfect town to do this thing, a casual date. I personally preferred Stowe to Burlington because it was more peaceful and beautiful in my opinion. There were parks beside a lake, some local shops, and farms. It is really a beautiful town that you have to visit when you come to Vermont. 

3. What to eat in Vermont?

Frist Day, We were starving...

I wanted to eat some pizza but we couldn't find any good pizza place on our first day of the trip. We randomly came to this place and filled our bellies. haha, I don't know the name of this restaurant but check the location on the google map info that I attached above.

 I don't drink normally, but for this time I had to drink since it is Vermont! Apparently, there are lots of breweries in Vermont.
 And,, I got a plate of fish and chips. As a pescatarian, this was the only option to have. Warning! this is not a restaurant for you if you're a vegetarian!

The second day, We know what we want!

Folino's Wood Fired Pizza.

They have a great brewery with the pizza store. The beer was very cheap too. For 32oz, it was 5-7 dollars and 64oz was 8-10 dollars.

The pizza! They have lots of vegetarian options and even gluten-free ones too! It was wonderful. However, the taste was just all right. Not bad but not superb. We liked the beer more.

The last day, On our way home...

Neither of us did take any pictures at this place but their pho was SO GOOD!!
Why pho in Vermont? Why not pho in Vermont though huh? hehe
I was just craving for some soups and the pho was the best decision ever on that day!

"Hope this helped us for your trip! I had a great time in Vermont with my boyfriend and I would never forget this!!"

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