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What I Learned From Guys!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I am writing this inspired by the article '7 Reasons You Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy'.
This article is pretty brilliant. I very agree with especially 2 reasons of them in the article. I am going to write down 'Things I Learnt From Dating With Guys' citing the reasons the editor said.

1. This Is So Difficult To Meet Someone Who Genuinely Loves You.

You know what? I always thought that guys I was dating with were loving me. NO THEY NEVER DID! Sadly I realized that when I did sort of breakup. It is hard to say 'breakup' because we were never in a relationship. Anyway, when I start to like someone then my emotion gets deeper so fast and I start to be deluded into thinking that me and him are being together soon. And few days later, I also think I am loving him, although it isn`t love in other`s opinions, and think he may feel in the same way as I do. If you are like me, please don`t. Please stop being a loser. I will try not to be like this again as well. Keep this in your head, 'falling in love is not easy and is not a common phenomenon'. When men fall in love, they will try to care of you, adore you, support you, cheer you up, and, most of all, protect you! Also, they will never be afraid to sacrifice themselves only for you. Yourself will be the first in his life. But how the guy you saw last night could love you? True love? I think it`s from the power of support and trust of each other. 

ps. Guys are all same. You can find your love but be aware that they would just want to sleep with you. If that was what you were looking for, then just go head. That`s not my business.

2. Try To Meet Good Guys Even If You`re Not Gonna Marry To Them.

First of all, the term of 'GOOD' means their personalities. Alright, some people says, "You`re young. You have to date with as many guys as you can. It all helps you to find Mr. right in the end." Okay, dating with many guys might help you for any reasons. But remember, do not meet ANY guys. Hey have you ever watched news about boyfriend kills girlfriend because she was annoying him or dumped him. Guys, there are so many crazy people in the world. My mom always tells me that who you get along with will change your life and especially for guys, you have to be more prudent. So true. 

By the way I saw some girls having sex with just any guys around them. I want to say Please... You will regret this so much. In north American culture or even more others, some teens and the early 20s tend to think of sex as a 'not-a-big-deal', GIRLS.. it is your life I know, but please don`t be a whore. You deserve better. You may be flattered by guys hitting on you at a bar. Just enjoy the attention and don`t go further unless you think he`s Mr.right.

3. You never can change him.

People don`t change easily. Even changing our diet, or lifestyle is difficult. Then how difficult to change someone`s personalities or habits? It is almost impossible. Some lovebirds say if you want to keep your relationship more longer and keep loving him unconditionally, then you need to accept his shortcomings, bad habits ect. Just you need to love himself as he is. Not perfect him in your daydream.  

4. Know Yourself First, Before You Love Someone.

By reading the article, I realized that I was not ready to love. I mean, I was not ready to do real love and was very afraid of commitment. I wanted to be loved but I was afraid to love them in real. I know it doesn`t sound fair. It was maybe because of the pressure I felt from the meaning of the love that I defined. Because I thought love was coming from the feeling you want to support him, share your life with him, and being always together. It sounded very romantic and also envious for me. On the other hand, it was scary to me. As I told you guys at the another blog post called 'My Depression Story', I always need my space and I honestly don`t trust anyone. I am terrified to open myself to others. (But ironically I used to fall in love so easily. Well, I don`t anymore.) So I am now giving myself time to rest more and be relaxed. Then I will love (well.. if I have anyone to love).

 Are you ready to love?

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