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[Good Movies] Cuatro Lunas (Four Moons) #lgbtmovies #spanishmovies #mexicanmovie

Monday, January 18, 2016
It was my first ever time to see a Mexican movie. I found this movie through my Netflix` suggestions. I literally had no idea it would be in Spanish. Especially because this is a gay-themed film. I mean, I have some friends from South America, I met at a school learning French. They said, in South America, men are forced to be very masculine and very manly. So, they usually don`t like the gay because they think they act like girls. 

All Love Is Same.

There are 4 tales of love in the film. You will probably feel at the end - 'Everybody loves in the same way'. The appearance does not matter on loving someone. Everybody has ups and downs, heartbreaks, and some obstacles in their love stories. Do not see this movie considering this is a 'gay-themed movie'! Just see the way they show and they express characters` emotions and feelings.

Highly recommend to anyone who just begins a page of love story or who has relationship. This movie will wake you up.

Because who doesn`t love you doesn`t deserve you. -Cuatro Lunas

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