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Winter Is Here |Serene Painting

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Lately I have started to paint.


Painting My Mind 

I always had been keening to paint someday, but I was not confident enough. I assumed that I would not be a good painter and unfortunately, I am actually not good at something requires little details such as sewing, origami, and obviously drawing. I was just nervous to draw some things and paint them. Because I am definitely not a delicate painter. However, one day, I came up with that "so what? who judges me? there are such different types of paintings so I would probably make another genre as I am." So, I`ve encouraged myself and started to draw what I got in my head and paint them! I know some people who really know about "ART" very well would laugh at my paintings. I don`t care. It just me who paints it. All paintings were painted by me and my ideas and those are also for myself. I am practicing my painting skills now. Which means, I could grow up as a great artist, hopefully though. Everyone can paint, but only ones who keep practicing and developing on themselves could be artists. X Serene


Winter Is Here

17. Nov. 2015.
Serene Kim.

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