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La Couleur Du Jazz |Montreal Fine Art Museum|Museum Trip

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Montreal Fine Art Museum

As my brother came to Montreal to visit me as well as travel around Montreal with me, I drew him all the way to the museum. Because! In my very personal opinion, the best way to taste all vibes in a city is by far going to its own museum. I think Montreal Fine Art Museum is one of the most representable place in Montreal. There are two reasons,

1. They have lots of Canadian artists` works. Especially you can see so many Montrealer artists` pictures through out this exhibition -Colors of Jazz.

2. Feel a very modern Canadian architecture and very classical architecture at the same time. They have two main buildings. One is the new one and the other is the old. I love the old one so much!! I think I adore all classic things all over the world.

Credit :

Colors Of Jazz.

I had passed by the museum so many times and saw the sign, Colors Of Jazz. I was wondering what does truly "the color of the jazz" mean. This exhibition actually started from 24th of October 2015 and it is lasting until the end of January (31, Jan, 2016). 
*You can check the schedules of the museum by here. (if you can`t click "here",


There were 4 little subjects in the exhibition - Portraits of Women, The Modern City, Jazz Wall, and The Nude.


I thoroughly enjoyed all sections but remarkably, the room for the section called Jazz Wall was amazing! Not only because of the pictures there were, but also because of the jazzy musics they played in the room!  - I have a video uploaded right below!



Overall the pictures, every works were painted by Oil. Which I have been eager to try into my pieces. I was indeed focusing on merely painting touches, brush strokes and other things related more into painting skills that every pictures have, not the flow of the exhibition. Because I do paint on my own and oil painting is very similar to painting using acrylic. So, for my practice, I needed to see those things, honestly. For that reason, I took a picture of a painting to practice by myself,

I am always struggling with drawing and painting a human so, in this time, I will practice it very hard and go forward, starting one step, two steps and more till reaching to my goal!

In a collection. (not at the exhibition!)

My Brother!


My First Film Photograpy #Leica #Mini-Zoom

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I really wanted to buy a film camera but I couldn`t afford for a very vintage but fancy film camera. Then I found this one on ebay. Normally leica`s cameras are really expensive. However, this one was not. Although it was cheap and probably do not have super delicate mechanisms(?) inside, It was very affordable, additionally I am not a professional photographer, so I thought it`d be good for my amateurish photography.

l`Amour |Serene Painting

Wednesday, December 9, 2015



1. Dec. 2015.
Acrylic & Patel
Serene Kim.


Cuddle is one of my favorite things to do. Obviously with someone I love, by the way. It always makes me and him to be connected in the warmest and the sweetest way ever. At least, at the moment we have cuddle, I feel like I get beloved.


Winter Is Here |Serene Painting

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Lately I have started to paint.


Painting My Mind 

I always had been keening to paint someday, but I was not confident enough. I assumed that I would not be a good painter and unfortunately, I am actually not good at something requires little details such as sewing, origami, and obviously drawing. I was just nervous to draw some things and paint them. Because I am definitely not a delicate painter. However, one day, I came up with that "so what? who judges me? there are such different types of paintings so I would probably make another genre as I am." So, I`ve encouraged myself and started to draw what I got in my head and paint them! I know some people who really know about "ART" very well would laugh at my paintings. I don`t care. It just me who paints it. All paintings were painted by me and my ideas and those are also for myself. I am practicing my painting skills now. Which means, I could grow up as a great artist, hopefully though. Everyone can paint, but only ones who keep practicing and developing on themselves could be artists. X Serene


Winter Is Here

17. Nov. 2015.
Serene Kim.

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