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When You`ve Just Got A Haircut. #selfie

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


When we change our hair, we tend to take a selfie. (In fact, I usually take hundreds.) Am I right? If you`re not a selfie-person, then you should do that! Sometimes, I just see my old selfies that I organized into my computer before, and it feels awkward to see my old faces but also kind of touching....(?) I am a very emotional and sentimental person. So I get easily impressed and I shed tears with any of old memories. Anyway taking and collecting selfies help me to recall the moments where I was. Plus, you can see the process of your face`s change. Chronicle your face!   

 I like the way the stylist connect my side fringe with other! 

I want to do balayage as well!

I`ve got this haircut at local salon called ' Traffic Coiffure'.

They offer very affordable prices!

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