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Pray for Paris, Pray for Seoul!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I don`t really prefer to reveal my political bias or my thoughts on kind of big issues happened in my country to others. Because I don`t have that much knowledge about them to discuss with others. I do not want to make myself to be seen ignorant to say any unsubstantial things. However, at this time, I need to talk about it.

We all have got some shocked to be told about the Paris Terror Attack. Meanwhile in Korea, we had a big protest in Seoul against the government. ( In fact, this protest was caused by South Korea`s Textbook Controversy. Guen-hye Park, first female president of South Korea, is trying to change the history textbook with her view. She was actually not a good candidate to become a president. (Someone says she rigged the ballots.) She is actually a daughter of Jung-hee Park who was a military dictator in 1960` to 1970` in South Korea. He was a DICTATOR. According to the things I learnt at my middle and high schools, if you said "I don`t like him" at that time, you`d be disappeared and be found dead. HE MADE THE MODERN SOUTH KOREA LIKE TODAY? Yes he did with so many victims. Why we are still disputing about Dok-do island with Japan? Because he did conclude a secret treaty with Japan. I could not believe that she even came out in the public and tried to became a president. She has never kept the election pledges she promised. And now? she`s trying to change the history textbook. She probably wants to make his father as a hero. Why don`t you be accepting the facts your father did and just do what the public really needs? If I were you, I would never do like you. You are actually acting like a child. A child who never likes advises or criticism and likes only compliments. I don`t know what your purpose being the president is, please stop making us embarrassing.

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