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Birthday Is Always Miracle. #16NOV15

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Every 16th of November is always my favorite date.


1116 is the most special number in my life,
11:16 AM/PM is the most luckiest time in my day.


Since I`ve lived in Montreal now, I really did not expect to have lots of birthday wishes from my friends. However, luckily or not, we have Facebook which offers the best alarming service of friends` birthday. This notifications make us to be on force to write something down for their birthdays. Anyway, thanks to the service form Facebook, so many friends left some words to me. So, I woke up with so many birthday wishes from my friends on Facebook. In fact, because of the different time zone in Korea, I`d got the messages from the day before my birthday. Which made me freaking excited to have a real birthday. On my birthday, I had a lunch with my friends I met in Montreal and also had a dinner with other friends. After dinner, I went to my friend`s house to have a birthday song! It was really an amazing day! 


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