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[Good Movies] The Beauty Inside #koreanfilm

Monday, November 30, 2015

I just watched this movie till a few mins ago. And I still can`t stop shedding my tear.


Even though it is just a sort of fantasy, it drew me into the story deeply.
I was actually thinking about his feelings considering his situation - he can not have same appearances everyday. It might be okay if he had no one to care. However, as this film about, he met a girl. He loves her a lot. Apparently he was getting used to the fact that he`s changed everyday he wakes up. Starting to love her, he hated to be changed.

He was not the only one who actually gets hurt.

She is also the one who`s really suffering over him.
She always tries to get used to his faces everyday with him.
But, one day was not enough.

The line I`ve got really touched by was, "I remember what we ate, where we went to and what we did together, but I can`t remember his face." she said.


We all have weakness, disease, fault, disadvantage, complex and so on. Somehow when we have someone to love, they sometimes make our love to be distant, hard, and tough. If someone left you because of your imperfect aspect, don`t be sad. It`s not because he/she was not a good person, it just, he/she was not for you. He/she would not have any ability to cover and embrace your weakness. You have lots of chances to meet the right person who has the right key of your life.

-Have I ever been the person I talked about above?

No. After I watched the film, I threw a question in my mind. "Can I ever be that girl in the film?" I would say, "No". As I`ve never met a guy who would surely stay with me, care and love me, I guess I`ve never been that kind of girl to a guy either. I want to do once in my life though. Well.


-The Beauty Inside, 

Frankly, our appearance, especially the face, affects to a lot of things. We actually talk about someone`s first impression with the face (of course with someone`s manners, the way he/she says, etc.) Even if you deny that you don`t judge people with their appearance, you actually do in any ways. It is not possible to not judge someone 100%. But, never treat them with your judgement! Make a room for any possibilities! Back to the point, this film is showing us a "True Love" - I can love you whoever you are. Kind of? Well, it is hard to find what true love is but anyhow we usually say loving someone without any conditions is a "True Love". So, I`m just saying like this. 
The beauty inside; 
I think our love usually go to the inside as time goes by. If we could visualize our love in a model, at the first time we just stay and play on the surface. Let`s liken it to a chocolate. You are just melting the chocolate in your mouth. It`s hard and solid. You and the chocolate never mingle together. However, the more you get in touch with it, the more you get into the inside and taste more sweet points. It gets smooth,soft,warm, and part of yours! Hope you understand what I am talking about. I`m so bad at explaining something. :(

Lukewarm Is No Good - Roald Dahl

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I stumbled into this quote from Roald Dahl on Instagram a few months ago. It helped me a lot and also encouraged me. Today I saw this quote written down on my sketchbook while I was listening to the music called Satelite by Jin-woo Jung. I just thought that this quote and the song might match together well and it ended up with great harmony. I really didn`t know what kind of videos to put on with these. As the quote says, I`ve decided to put some clips which I could show you what I passionate about. Some of clips were taken by a year ago, some of them were from yesterday. Hope you guys enjoy this short video. Most of all, hope this video would inspire you guys to start something or keep your passion on something! Thank you! 

X Serene

Music : Satélite (inst.) -  Jung jin-woo.

Quote : Roald Dahl

Birthday Is Always Miracle. #16NOV15

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Every 16th of November is always my favorite date.


1116 is the most special number in my life,
11:16 AM/PM is the most luckiest time in my day.


Since I`ve lived in Montreal now, I really did not expect to have lots of birthday wishes from my friends. However, luckily or not, we have Facebook which offers the best alarming service of friends` birthday. This notifications make us to be on force to write something down for their birthdays. Anyway, thanks to the service form Facebook, so many friends left some words to me. So, I woke up with so many birthday wishes from my friends on Facebook. In fact, because of the different time zone in Korea, I`d got the messages from the day before my birthday. Which made me freaking excited to have a real birthday. On my birthday, I had a lunch with my friends I met in Montreal and also had a dinner with other friends. After dinner, I went to my friend`s house to have a birthday song! It was really an amazing day! 


Pray for Paris, Pray for Seoul!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I don`t really prefer to reveal my political bias or my thoughts on kind of big issues happened in my country to others. Because I don`t have that much knowledge about them to discuss with others. I do not want to make myself to be seen ignorant to say any unsubstantial things. However, at this time, I need to talk about it.

We all have got some shocked to be told about the Paris Terror Attack. Meanwhile in Korea, we had a big protest in Seoul against the government. ( In fact, this protest was caused by South Korea`s Textbook Controversy. Guen-hye Park, first female president of South Korea, is trying to change the history textbook with her view. She was actually not a good candidate to become a president. (Someone says she rigged the ballots.) She is actually a daughter of Jung-hee Park who was a military dictator in 1960` to 1970` in South Korea. He was a DICTATOR. According to the things I learnt at my middle and high schools, if you said "I don`t like him" at that time, you`d be disappeared and be found dead. HE MADE THE MODERN SOUTH KOREA LIKE TODAY? Yes he did with so many victims. Why we are still disputing about Dok-do island with Japan? Because he did conclude a secret treaty with Japan. I could not believe that she even came out in the public and tried to became a president. She has never kept the election pledges she promised. And now? she`s trying to change the history textbook. She probably wants to make his father as a hero. Why don`t you be accepting the facts your father did and just do what the public really needs? If I were you, I would never do like you. You are actually acting like a child. A child who never likes advises or criticism and likes only compliments. I don`t know what your purpose being the president is, please stop making us embarrassing.

When You`ve Just Got A Haircut. #selfie

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


When we change our hair, we tend to take a selfie. (In fact, I usually take hundreds.) Am I right? If you`re not a selfie-person, then you should do that! Sometimes, I just see my old selfies that I organized into my computer before, and it feels awkward to see my old faces but also kind of touching....(?) I am a very emotional and sentimental person. So I get easily impressed and I shed tears with any of old memories. Anyway taking and collecting selfies help me to recall the moments where I was. Plus, you can see the process of your face`s change. Chronicle your face!   

 I like the way the stylist connect my side fringe with other! 

I want to do balayage as well!

I`ve got this haircut at local salon called ' Traffic Coiffure'.

They offer very affordable prices!

Blue Shades.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

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