See you very soon again on YouTube!

Hello there,
I haven`t kept my new year wish/goal, specifically "Keeping on making youtube videos". I even deleted my old videos (well there were only 4 vids tho). Because they were really cringing me and I was a bit embarrassed that I made those vids. However, lately I realized that those were not embarrassing things and I should`ve been doing those things till now. Reflecting on myself, I`ve just decided to make the youtube videos again. I am very sure that it`d be my great stepping stone to reach my dream which is being a part of fashion and art industry. Therefore, I promise to myself that I`ll do my best on this. 
Serene X


▶Clothes & Acc
Cape - Zara
T-shirt - Gap
Floral Pants - Zara
Slip-ons - 8seconds
Bag - 4evamall
Sunglasses - Tory Burch

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