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Friday, October 30, 2015

Actually I`ve really wanted to put some narration or some video that I talk about Boredom. In fact I recorded my voice and attempted to take some video of me. Nevertheless, it ended up not to put any kind of those. Because I`ve reckoned this video goes way better with this background music only.

- About this video, 
The scenes are presenting things what I do when I get bored of something such as studying, workout, or some rules I made to do everyday. Apparently I get bored easily. Well, my mom always says that to me. But I`m actually not mom! Anyway when it comes to Work, Study, Workout or whatever it is, I end up getting bored at some point. However I obviously know that I should be patient and have to have tenacity and have to show my tenacity to myself. Because everyone gets some boredom for any reasons. But only ones that got over their boredom could be the ones they wanted to be. So, I always try to refresh my mind and my brain as well and I try to stick with the things I`ve been doing. I have some break. But no give up. (I`ll keep these words!)

-Music -

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- Snapchat : @thisisreenie

Seong-Jin Cho

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Repping Korea!!!! He did really good job.
So much proud of you! Koreans are so talented though!!


See you very soon again on YouTube!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hello there,
I haven`t kept my new year wish/goal, specifically "Keeping on making youtube videos". I even deleted my old videos (well there were only 4 vids tho). Because they were really cringing me and I was a bit embarrassed that I made those vids. However, lately I realized that those were not embarrassing things and I should`ve been doing those things till now. Reflecting on myself, I`ve just decided to make the youtube videos again. I am very sure that it`d be my great stepping stone to reach my dream which is being a part of fashion and art industry. Therefore, I promise to myself that I`ll do my best on this. 
Serene X


▶Clothes & Acc
Cape - Zara
T-shirt - Gap
Floral Pants - Zara
Slip-ons - 8seconds
Bag - 4evamall
Sunglasses - Tory Burch

Toronto Island

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It was my first day in Toronto. It was a really tired day (I am still tired honestly) because I got into Toronto at 7a.m. and I didn`t sleep well in the bus. Although, my friend and I headed to the island because it was the last day to open.( not sure indeed) Anyway going to Toronto Island was the best decision I`ve ever made. Toronto Island was so amazing. Every view in the  island was breathtaking and very beautiful. Actually the sunshine was gorgeous. Thanks to the sunshine, most of pictures I took were really nice. I might go to the island again, next time visiting Toronto.

Ciao x

Throwing back to My Japan Trip With Mom

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kyoto & Osaka

If you want to see more authentic attractions, seriously go to KYOTO!!

Travelling With Mom

You should travel with your mom. You probably reckon you know your mother well. However, no you don`t. In my experience, I didn`t think my mom would like to travel around the world. Because at that moment, my mom didn`t travel abroad before and she was always busy actually. Now she loves it and travels with my daddy here and there. Anyway, during that trip, she was like a little girl. She reacted "wow serene, look at that!!!" to every single things we saw. She`s so cute. Love you, mom!

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