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Henrik Vibskov

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I usually know artists from random websites of any museums. Or magazines. So one day, I just stumbled on the Daelim museum site. And I could see that they are holding an exhibition of Henrik Vibskov. Honestly I`ve never heard about him before. However, his works looked very like my idea of fashion works. My ideal fashion are pointing fashion, inside of Art. Anyway in his jobs, I could see and feel what he wants to express and what he wants to show us. Thanks to the museum, I`ve got the newbie that I`ve wanted though. 

* The exhibition is held by 31.Dec.2015. If you anyhow have chance to go to Korea, I assume it would be a really good idea to visit there and see his works.  ( By the way, Daelim museum is really tiny so I recommend you to go there in week days. )


Upcoming Project

He is throwing exhibitions on a runway. 

- I wish I could see the Henrik Vibskov`s show in real.. ;( -

 I just deleted the video because it played automatically which was always annoying me. you can find the video through the link below. 



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