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The Art Of Henrietta Harris

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I posted about Henrietta Harris before I believe, but I`m not sure that was on this blog or my previous blog. Therefore, I just decided to write about her again.


This is how she works.
She usually makes faces like that.

This is the oldest one of these. I suppose she decided to draw the face  I don`t know why but I think she doesn`t like a face as itself though. haha. Well, maybe it was the best choice to show her skills and her characters on her artworks. 


Regardless what her real purpose was for that, I just love that.

Because, I sometimes imagine doing like - grab my face and pull it out and put it back then. Am I the only one? I know you guys also imagine to do that at least once. Because we always live with our face, fingers, teeth, legs and so on. However, we can`t undress them! What if we go to bed with disassembled ourselves. Our body, actually. When we wake up, we choose our eyes, arms, lips and all of that. Hashtag #EOTD #LOTD Lol!! Eyes of today, lips of today. haha. Like we wear makeup in the morning. Well maybe it will take more time to go to school in the morning though. Thanks god. I was just my imagination. Never mind this craps lord.


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