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Starting By Cutting These Types Of People

Friday, August 28, 2015

One day, I realized that all people are selfish.
Although, the other day, I realized that some people are bloody fucking selfish.


You know what? In their dictionary, 'A BITCH' refers 'who do not follow their decision, opinion, and way'. For instance, if I say "I am busy so I can not hang out with you tonight", then I`m turning to a bitch. :) Yay! I was a bitch though.

Plus, they are freaking creepy stubborn. Like a stalker.


Anyway I am selfish as well. We all selfish and self centered. If any you thinking you are not the kind of self, well.. that also prove that you are selfish.

However, as I said, there is really a person you may say ''he/she is so selfish making me exhausted."


I was trying to change that kind of person before, then I realized that they will never change. We can`t change a person. Think about the relationship with you and your friends. You and your friends just understand each other, comprise at some points. I think we are realizing this aging year and year. (I know I`m still young and still have lots of things I should learn in my life though.)

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