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New York pt.2

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coney Island


As an beautiful finale of our trip, me and my friend went to Coney Island. In fact, it is located in southern Brooklyn. We got there at around 4pm, technically. Because we thought we could see the night view of the Coney Island. And the result?.. "Plus ou moin".  We were there till 8 or 9 I guess. It wan not that dark to say 'Night View' but it was pretty nice. 


Sunshine at the Coney Island was so gorgeous that I couldn`t stop taking selfies.

 Seoha with an apple mango.

See you later!

Flatiron Building

I am not sure about which day I got there but um anyway I went to the Iron Building. x

 Actually the Iron Building was too hard to catch on the camera and I turned back then I saw a random building. That one was really good on a picture. haha

Streets in Brooklyn

This is how she takes photographs.

At this place, my friend, Seoha, took some photos of random people. I am really looking forward to see them. I`ll post them out when she develops her films.

Cafe Mogador (Williamsbug)

I got a burger and she got french toasts and they both were so good.
Plus, I loved the everything at the cafe.

East Village


I am not the one who takes pictures every single moments of the life. So, that`s why I do not really have many pictures of my New York trip. Pics on the blog were almost all of them. 

See these.

I am a bit regretting not to take more pics in East Village now.

Loved that vibes of East Village though.
If I go to NY again, I will spend more time in the East Village.

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