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Having A Photographer Friend

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Having a photographer friend is so much pleasure.

Actually  I was shy especially at taking a picture outside. I really don`t know why I had got nervous whenever I took a picture outside. How I got nervous taking some pics? For example, if I saw something wanting to take a picture of, then firstly I looked around to check whether there`s even a person here. If there was, I glimpsed the person a bit and check he/she was looking at me or not. Then I finally took a picture. If there was no one, then I could just take many pictures without any thinking of people around me. That was me. I`ve known no one cares about me - what I am doing now, what I am eating, what I am thinking like that but I`d do care so much. Seriously, I wanted to change that point of my character. But it was not easy though. However, I got a chance to make it. After I visited New York with my photographer friend, Seoha Jung, I made it. I changed a lot. I was so impressed by her. Because she does not care about any eyes of people and she just does her jobs. If she wants, she just starts to do the things she wants. I felt like I had been an idiot. So, I decided to live my own life. Well actually I thought I`ve been living my own life because I was always doing what I`ve wanted. But, there were always other side of me considering someone`s eyes. Now, I am different. I do live way more real me. Who cares! I take a picture! Pff.. Getting better. x Reenie. 

All photographs by Seoha Jung.

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