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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I just got back into Montreal from New York and am blogging! New York was really fun but first of all, I have to blog the days of Montreal with my friend. 


My friend @gorgeouseoha



I met Seoha in my high school. She was 2nd grade and I was 1st. I can`t remember exactly how we`ve got along together but well we were pretty much close at that time as well. Actually, she was like not very into me and I wasn`t either. I mean, we both liked each other but you know we were just like very comfortable friends. If she wanted to study with someone, she could call me and I can do it as well. I don`t know we were very close even though she is older than me. You know, in Asian culture, well especially in Korea, the term of friend means only someone having exactly same age. (I think for that reason we count our age differently, if you don`t know about how Koreans count their age like then google it.) So, considering that point, we were really good friend. (and we are indeed.) Plus, I didn`t expect that our friendship would last over high school years. Because we were not a "friend (as Korean definition)" and we entered different university. But you know what? we met several times in Daejeon or Seoul after I entered my university. And we traveled New York together as well!

Anyway, she was planning to go to New York again because she wanted to take more photos than when she visited NY for the first time. I live in Montreal so she texted me like why don`t we go to NY together, I said definitely YES. 

We planned - 

29/June/15                             02/July/15                     06/July/15
Seoha: Seoul -> New York      New York -> Montreal        Seoha&Serene: Mtl -> NY

13/July/15                 16/July/15
Serene: NY->MTL        Seoha: NY -> Seoul

So, this posting is about the days of in Montreal.

-The photos are kinda messy and mixed but includes all the gist of the days.-

캡션 추가

I got a burger and she got penne pasta. With medium size of sangria.

We went to 'Les Folies' which is my favorite resto bar in Montreal. Their foods and drinks are so amazing. So, if you are looking for a bar for casual dating or what, I highly recommend here. It`s close to Mont-Royal station by the way.

Les Folies

701 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montréal, QC H2J 1W7
Open today
  1. 9:00 am – 10:30 pm

Piknic Electronik Montreal 2015.

Apparently, Piknic Electronik is held on every Sunday until September. However, on Saturday, 7, July there was also Piknik Electronik with free entrance fee. So, we just decided to go there and enjoy the event. We went there bringing our wine and some chips. There was a Jamaican concert section and we thought that was the Piknik Electronik section. So we tried to get into there but unfortunately they didn`t allow to bring any alcohol inside. So, we just drank all wine outside of the concert and got into there. However, the concert was (shit). I didn`t like it. I don`t know.. I don`t mind any genre of music but the problem was not the genre of the music, it was the singers.. I thought we were in karaoke. Anyway we left the concert and walked around and finally found the Piknic Electronik. Umm.. Was fun. But um.. it was not a big event as I expected. 


Parc La Fontaine

Having poutines at La Banquies and walking in Parc la fontaine are best course to hang out!

Photo by Seoha

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