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7 Days in New York (06/July/15 - 13/July/15) part 1.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New York Is An Amazing City


I am so sorry to post it too late. It`s been 15 days I haven`t blogged. I was a bit busy. In fact, I had a problem with my roommate and my apartment. Everything is solved now. So, now I can concentrate on my works - blog, studying French and English. By the way, New York where I was for 7 and half days is an amazing city. I want to go back to NY ( of course as a tourist). Well, New York is so amazing and there are lots of secret spots even newyorkers have never been. In Korea, we say 'it`s like an onion' when we discover many attractive things in something/someone. It`s the same as we say 'it`s like a Matryoshka'. Anyway New York was like that. On my first day of NY, frankly I didn`t like NY. I really wanted to go back to Montreal. I think it was because the first place I went in New York was Time Square. Actually I still do not like Time Square.


   First thing first. Eating a pizza! Papa john`s, you are always right.


J`ai senti des arts au MOMA. C'était très bon!

We took these pics at MOMA. When I saw this structure of the building, well especially the windows and the walls, I couldn`t not to do these. I was so excited I told to my friend - "oh my goodness, I keen to take a photo like...umm I`m gonna go there and you stay here and taking pic each other. what do you think? let`s do this!!" And voilà. :) 

Top Of The Rock

The Brooklyn Bridge & Streets



Around The City Hall

 Being naughty at the courthouse!!!

 Guggenheim Museum

- Juste pour prendre des photos. -

Me and my friend went there to take some pics only. haha. Because we had to choose between Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum and we chose the latter. 

Metropolitan Museum

Apparently The Metropolitan Museum was the reason why I went to New York. I was very keening to go to the museum and I went there, finally! However, I came out  that the Metropolitan is the best museum I`ve ever been in my life but it is too huge to see all art works. I genuinely wanted to see as much as I can but you know what? I could not even concentrate on an art work. Well, firstly I was so exhausted to walk around the museum. I tend to get tired easily so it was not a good idea that I tried to go many exhibitions in a day.  I surely will go there again. But I will plan the day only for the museum.  

J`étais trop contente. 

We are here, darling ♥

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