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What Would We Wear : Try High Neck Bikini for the summer of 2015!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Where`s my bikini?

 Did you find your bikini yet? There are so many styles of swimwear these days but it`s still hard to find right one for me. Because I don`t have a perfect body to rock any bikinis, so I have to try them on in a changing room then should choose a better one. Just wish I were a model.. Anyway, for the bikini, I wanted to find one which can cover my small chest, don`t make my body look chubby, and not to be out of trend. So, first I`m gonna show you my final pieces.

High Neck Bikini

Pros : 
a. super comfy
b. super trendy
c. cover my little chest well
* you can wear it not only in a swimming pool but also in a real way!

a. Not good for tanning
b. Hard to wear alone
c. some pieces make my neck to be look short
(but it depends on details of it)

( The image is too small. So check out the link if you want to see more!)

More High Neck Bikinis

I found those things on several shops. Those are also cool. And the each shop has more cool pieces. So, check more swimwear through the links below!
Hope you`ll find perfect one for you. xoxo

Victoria`s Secret
Victoria`s Secret

I think this one is already sold out. But they have other stuffs with that patterns.
Zara home

AERIE (by American Egle)

Aerie (by American Egle)

Beach Riot

So, they were my suggestion for summer swim look. In my opinion, women are more  hot and attractive when they don`t show all of them. I mean, like their breast, buttocks or what. 

Other Zara`s look books. Because their pics are so nice haha.

-Trend X Reenie-

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