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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

 What should we wear for coming festivals? Choosing clothes for a festival is as hard as for a first date. Festivals, I suppose, are also a place to show one`s fashion senses. I don`t know where this trend came from. But in every festival lots of fashionistas are there. What do you want to be like? Little hippie? or rock star? or what? For all of us, I picked some items from ASOS. In fact, they have festival edits as well. But I wanted to style of them on myself. So, anyway let`s get started it!

* You can shop the items when you click the each captions of the pics  below*


For this season, 70`s are on our trends. Which is really good sound for preparing festival looks. Because 70`s items are really going well with festival items. Then what is 70`s items? Flare, fringe, suede, and flatform shoes are representing 70`s. When it comes to festival things, we usually consider something hippie. So, if you match those 70`s things with hippie accessories or in the other ways, it would be very trendy. 

Let`s explore 3 looks I styled!

 Show your shoulder,

I know when we wear off-shoulder tops, sometimes our shoulders are look very huge not in an attractive way. But, according to my experience, if there`re in lace or something covering our arms a bit, they will be better. So, don`t be afraid to try it! By the way, *Cold shoulder style is also a good option. 

Cropped off shoulder top in lace 

* this is cold shoulder top

▼ Try it with... ▼

Choker necklace
Suede skirt

Flatform sandals
Fringe Bag

Rainbow lens sunglasses

Fly in Kimonos,

Kimonos are always making us fashionable. They are really comfy, cool, and chic. Plus, they go with just about anything. With jeans, shorts, skirts or whatever.


▼ Try it with... ▼

Culotte shorts


Rockin` Co-ord,

The biggest benefits of having a co-ord is we don`t have to be suffered by any worries of How-to-wear-it-WELL. We can just wear them together. Because basically they were born together so there`s no chance to fail in coordinating. Well, if the co-ord was not 'co' - ord, then you can fail though. 

lace co-ord

▼ Try it with... ▼

▲This hairstyle!!!! ▲
Visor hat

70`s boho long pendant necklace

Other impressed looks in ASOS....





I tried to style them with 70`s trend and hippie style. Because I thought those are on our trends so I should post them on my blog and show you guys as well. However, I`d like to say there`re so many ways to dress up for festivals. Like minimal or chunky or rock style or whatever. I`ll post my real looks in festivals ( I mean in REAL FESTIVALS I will be in) So, hope you guys are looking forward my looks and see you later!


trends X reenie

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