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My Favorite Designer - Christopher Kane

Friday, June 19, 2015

I love his works,

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 His pieces are always neat - it doesn`t  mean 'minimal'- and have some cute deets. Okay I`m gonna explain my word 'neat'. You know, some clothes are not finished neatly and we can see that even through our monitors. But his ones are not and besides its finishing touches, the combinations of colors and styling are also very neat. Well I love that style for the ages, because this style makes me more look smart not naughty and mostly it goes with me very well. Plus, I love when someone styles in that way too.  

Resort 16

Look, there are many colors but they mixed very well. This styling and all items are based on Black color and have a point with red. So that`s also why it doesn`t look messy and unmatched. The cute deets that I said about is like that, the clutch!! I`m gonna put some captions about it. 

Shoes laces and bag`s straps

Pockets in lace and the point matching this one piece with casual shoes.

 transparency bag and the buttons of the coat matching with earrings.

That bag tho...!!!

Matching bag and shoes

 I love that cardigan so much!!

Damm cute that collar.

of course collar and that hearts


hearts on the shoes

hearts hearts

I think in this collections hidden key item is HEART! Almost every piece has it! 
If there`s no heart on a clothes then the model is wearing a heart shaped earrings or bag in heart or what. YAY! I got it! haha

By the way, I knew him for the first time when I was in a middle school. Apparently he was a new designer, but his works were very amazing at that time as well. Recently I went to his official site. Well, It had been so long time that I`d seen his collections yet. So, when I went his site, I was like "Oh my days.. why did I forget him for the long long time..". His collections are so amazing, so gorgeous. Just check them! A picture is worth a thousand words. You can get same impressions of him as mine.

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