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Friday, June 5, 2015
Here in Montreal, Canada indeed, there`s a big day for moving.

Right, the first of July.

When in Montreal, do as the Montrealers do.

As following this moving trend for July, I just decided to move out my studio.
Honestly I did not like my apartment.
a. it`s too old
b. poor soundproof construction
c. shitty bathroom
well actually there`s nothing but very nice location - Le Plateau.
But it made me to stay here for 4 months.
Anyway I`m gonna move out. I found my roommate so I can move in more spacious apartment! So excited!!

I`ll move in July but I`m kind of devoured by home decoration things!!
I always go to furniture sites or interior design sites.

So, here`s the sites I usually look around.

Even if you don`t buy anything, at least you can get more inspirations in it.

1. Joss and Main

There are so much things on sale. I think this site`s like an outlet shop.
They have so much stuffs. Maybe it`s hard not to find a thing you`d wanted.

2. Zone

Actually I knew Zone through the offline store on St.Denis street. Their place is so nice. You should go there. I got so much inspiration from it. They also have a shop in West mount. But I think St.Denis one is better then West mount one.

3. Zara home

Zara home is one of my favorite shop. Their stuffs are really trendy, they have good qualities, and most of all, prices are very reasonable.

4. Structube

I think this shop is more like for furniture. They have cool jobs as well anyway.

I am just a student so I don`t need to decorate well. Because it`s not my house so there`s no reason to spend money and time for decoration. However, I`m a freaking girly girl. So, I want to live in pretty space. Well, at least just look-nice house. So, I`ll do even just for several parts of the house. 


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