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[Good Movies] The Dreamers

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Dreamers

I saw this movie at my home twice, in a same day. After I saw some pics of The Dreamers on Tumblr, I had to watch it immediately because it was so attractive. That was a first reason for watching it at the first time and the twice was for solving my questions from the movie. 

Good Movies -

I think 'good movie' means making people awake from some truth. Well the truth can be about our societies, environments, or even ourselves. Anyway good movies make us to look our lives deeply or just simply to have some curiosity of the movies. 

 In that point, The Dreamers was really good movie. First, it made me some curiosities about the movie. Watching the movie, I could feel those all characters, the strikes, the musics and all the things in the film implied some messages. There were so much sexual scenes but they were not erotic. You know, there`re many erotic films which are shameful to be called 'movie'. They`re very vulgar and more like a porn. (it doesn`t mean the pron is vulgar, no offense)  However, The Dreamers wasn`t. It was like appreciating a sculpture in a museum. Secondly, after I watched the film, I questioned myself about me, myself. I can`t exactly write down on my blog now because it`s really private story. Anyway I did.

The curiosities..

   As I told you, I watched the film twice to find out what they are - characters, Mise-en-scène, and so on- meaning. Actually, I saw a review of the movie on Naver which is a most popular Korean search engine. She (I don`t know the person is a male or female but his/her writing made me to think of him/her to a woman. So, I`ll just describe the person as 'she') gave me an answer that I wanted. Well for sure, there`s no 100% perfect interpretation. But for me, it was really fresh and great vision of the film. 

if you want to see her review in Korean, you can click here.

She said...,

Modernism, Postmodernism and The Dreamers.


In all art works including design, a metaphor is very important. Without any metaphor, works are not an art but a kitsch or what. And more greater artworks have much more metaphors. ..... In that point, The Dreamers is really good movie. Because we can interpret some meanings of the film in various ways.  


However, I`m going to interpret it with Modernism and Postmodernism.

In this film, the most important characters are Isabelle and Theo. They`re Siamese twin and their father is a poet. Their father represents the past, that is the past idea of modernism. Everything is the most freshest and progressive idea in the world at the first time criticizing older theories. However, there`s no forever-new in the world. Likewise, their father was one of new progressive intellectuals and cultured person as well. However he`s no more that person like dreamer who wants to reform a world but he`s a character who just wants to stay calm keeping his power. On the other hands, Isabelle and Theo are against of the past culture idea so they represent 'modernism' and 'postmodernism'. 

By the way, we should think about why one is modernism and the other is postmodernism even though they are same age, I mean they`re twins. 

First, basically, the backgrounds of the ideas of the modernism and the postmodernism are same. So, both of them are against of the Enlightenment and Realism which dominated cultures before. That`s why they`re twins. Maybe there are some questions about it like, ' basically Postmodernism came out against of Modernism. But why Isa and Theo are twins?' Well, if you see the movie in detail, you can find out they`re not in an exactly same position.

Let`s recap the scene when Isa bring Matthew to her room. Isabelle and Matthew were about to have a sex. But when Theo turned on a music which was Isa and Theo`s favorite one, Isa was going to be mad and shouting Theo`s name ignoring Matthew. Otherwise, Theo wasn`t mad and he was really having a good time with other girl without Isa.

Theo represents a Modernism which was about to settle in our society in 1960`s. In this movie, Sex means collaborations with the public. Theo can have a sex with other girls, which means he is an independent character. However, Isabelle is a character who really rely on her brother, Theo. She`s never had a date before she met Matthew, which means she has never had a collaboration with the public. So she represents a Postmodernism that didn`t overcome Modernism in 1968 during the Student Protest. 

So, let`s talk about postmodernism which overcame modernism by the Student Protest in 1968 following the story of the film.

Firstly, Matthew. He is a revolution and public. He is an american student that means he`s a consciousness of students newly came out. He met Isabelle and Theo. Isa and Theo have some thoughts to protest but they don`t do that. They just watch some movies. Before meeting Matthew, strikes are just kind of party for them. They only hang out at their house. It means their thoughts are just stuck in their mind or their head. Then, they meet Matthew. So, the thoughts are coming out from their mind and meet the public. They invite Matthew to come over their house without any mentions to their parents. That is the scene which establishments ( Isa&Theo`s parents) and the public are meeting. As a man in power, Isa and Theo`s father underestimate the power of the public so, he just tries to only talk about himself to Matthew. But Matthew doesn`t listen carefully but just fidgeting with Isa`s lighter. He is talking about the lighter and Isa and Theo`s father thinks he`s smart but he doesn`t like him.

In this scene the important metaphor is cigarette. We can say smoking is a communication. At the first, Isa and Theo smoke together but when their father starts to smoke, they stop to smoke. Which means, their communication is also stopped. Because Matthew is also their new friend, they can communicate well yet. 

After Isa and Theo`s parents go to bed, Isabelle suddenly turn off the lights and light up a candle. Basically a candle is a symbol of protest. Isa kisses Matthew and at the moment her hair is burning. They said, it was a blooper but it has a big significance. 

Isa, that is to say postmodernism, and Matthew representing the public are not connected well yet but they`re falling in love. In other words, the public knows that they need postmodernism so the beginning of revolution is igniting.

Now, the parents are not in the house. They are free. They are getting more closer. Actually at the first time, Matthew and Theo are more closer.

As a forfeit, Isabelle and Matthew have a sex. If a idea wants to settle down in a society, it has to collaborate with the public. And the public(Matt) moves from modernism(Theo) to postmodernism(Isa). 

Theo and Isabelle love each other but unfortunately they are twins. They can`t be together. I mean as a lover. Likewise, postmodernism can go forward to the society when it`s beyond and be free from modernism. Theo gets jealous of Matthew but he can`t do anything. An idea becoming a basis of a society has nothing but getting jealous of the next idea to lose the support of the public. They just have to take it granted but they can`t help themselves to be sad.    

The next scene is the one that I mentioned at first. Isa tries not to bring Matthew to her room and she`s always in Theo`s room. She still rely on her brother, Theo. However, she goes to her room with Matthew and try to be independent from Theo. But when the music comes out, Isa is going to be mad. She is not ready to be independent from her brother. It shows the postmodernism in a state of confusion. The public wants postmodernism but the idea itself is not clear so it still stick into the past.

Eventually, the parents leave them. Which means eventually, new ideas win. Isabelle tries to kill herself (well, themselves indeed) but a stone from protesters saves them. The real revolution is started. The film is ending Isa and Theo are throwing a firebomb to the police. They didn`t protest before but they do at the end of the film. Mathew is fading inside of the public. Isabelle and Theo do that so, it means Modernism and Postmodernism are against of the past and it can be like a movement of new ideas. 


At some points, I don`t even understand her saying well because it`s so complicated. But I just try to translate well. I know I`m not good at translating and I`m not a translator so don`t judge me. I did my best. haha.

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