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[Good Movies] My Favorite Disney Movie - Ratatouille

Friday, June 26, 2015
  When someone asks you which is your favorite Disney film, I pretty much sure that you will say one of the series of the Disney princesses. But mine is Ratatouille. I saw it at a theater when it was released for the first time. I was about 11 year-old girl and I watched it with my 12 year-old brother at that time. We both were so impressed by the film. Because we thought it was super cool that the rat - called Remy - could cook very well. In fact, better than people.  Recently, I missed the film so much, I watched again. Fortunately I`ve got a lot of lessons from this film. Firstly, Remy is me!! of course in a different field. 

Why I feel I`m very Remy?

  Remy has a talent in cooking and actually he knows himself very well. He thinks he`s different from other rats. But he doesn`t look down on them. He just thinks he is different. He is so passionate in his interest that he surely takes any risks to accomplish his dream. Even though he is a rat which is mostly impermissible thing in any kitchen, he thinks it is possible to overcome that highest wall. Okay, objectively it is not possible to accept a rat in a kitchen and the other rats also think it`s just an absurd dream and he`s just building a castles in the air. Everyone knows that. But he didn`t believe that. And finally, he made it! He made it possible. I know that it might be capable because it was a movie. However, I guess if it was a real, it wouldn`t be impossible. Anyone can cook. He just believed this quote and tried a lot. I`m really impressed by him.
  Probably I`m the only one who tries not to believe what a real world is and keeps building most fancy dreams without any efforts. Well, luckily recently I realized the fact that I`m that kind of girl and should change the way to reach my dream - plus, putting my efforts on something that I want to do. Yeah, for that reason I changed the concept of my blog a bit and am trying to study a lot. But you know what? even though I know that I tend to dream too much and too far but I can`t get rid of them. Because this is also one of part of my character, isn`t it? Yea and it sounds a bit ridiculous but I think of myself very special. I am special. I can fly someday, I suppose. Well, just in case I will keep doing all things related in my dream like Remy. Remy achieved his dream. Why not me?   
  Remy gave me loads of motivation!
Thanks pal!
By the way, what is your favorite Disney film?

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