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[Good Movies] My Favorite Disney Movie - Ratatouille

Friday, June 26, 2015
  When someone asks you which is your favorite Disney film, I pretty much sure that you will say one of the series of the Disney princesses. But mine is Ratatouille. I saw it at a theater when it was released for the first time. I was about 11 year-old girl and I watched it with my 12 year-old brother at that time. We both were so impressed by the film. Because we thought it was super cool that the rat - called Remy - could cook very well. In fact, better than people.  Recently, I missed the film so much, I watched again. Fortunately I`ve got a lot of lessons from this film. Firstly, Remy is me!! of course in a different field. 

Why I feel I`m very Remy?

  Remy has a talent in cooking and actually he knows himself very well. He thinks he`s different from other rats. But he doesn`t look down on them. He just thinks he is different. He is so passionate in his interest that he surely takes any risks to accomplish his dream. Even though he is a rat which is mostly impermissible thing in any kitchen, he thinks it is possible to overcome that highest wall. Okay, objectively it is not possible to accept a rat in a kitchen and the other rats also think it`s just an absurd dream and he`s just building a castles in the air. Everyone knows that. But he didn`t believe that. And finally, he made it! He made it possible. I know that it might be capable because it was a movie. However, I guess if it was a real, it wouldn`t be impossible. Anyone can cook. He just believed this quote and tried a lot. I`m really impressed by him.
  Probably I`m the only one who tries not to believe what a real world is and keeps building most fancy dreams without any efforts. Well, luckily recently I realized the fact that I`m that kind of girl and should change the way to reach my dream - plus, putting my efforts on something that I want to do. Yeah, for that reason I changed the concept of my blog a bit and am trying to study a lot. But you know what? even though I know that I tend to dream too much and too far but I can`t get rid of them. Because this is also one of part of my character, isn`t it? Yea and it sounds a bit ridiculous but I think of myself very special. I am special. I can fly someday, I suppose. Well, just in case I will keep doing all things related in my dream like Remy. Remy achieved his dream. Why not me?   
  Remy gave me loads of motivation!
Thanks pal!
By the way, what is your favorite Disney film?


Reasonable Sunglasses Shopping Guide

Saturday, June 20, 2015
 If you are a student like me, you keen to wear super cool sunglasses but always do not have enough money to get them. Who doesn`t want to wear high-end sunglasses! But we should consider our money is just pocket money. Well, if you have a part time job, then it will be different though. Anyway everyone loves something bargain. So, let`s get into it!

1. Quay Australia

They have super cool specs with very affordable price (+/- 50$). Plus, apparently many fashion influencers are rocking this brand so much.  

Unfortunately, it`s a bit difficult to be shipped to Canada. I mean 'A BIT'. Because.. look.

INTERNATIONAL: NORTH & SOUTH AMERICAWe ship with USPS and your order is fully online traceable. This takes approximately 8-10 business days to arrive once its been shipped and requires a signature on arrival.Duties: Some countries may charge import duties or other random fees. Sorry, we have no control over this and it’s your responsibility to pay for any fees.

But no worries, if you don`t want to go through that difficult process, we have another way to get them. Asos!! YAY.

Asos is also having Quay Australia now. So you can shop them here too. I recommend to shop in ASOS. Because they have free shipping chance!

2. Local Supply

 They have very casual and classic style of sunglasses. In fact those are not my style but maybe you are the one who loves casual sunglasses. If so, check them out. By the way this is also Australian brand! 

In Opening Ceremony site, they also have Local Supply.

3. Cheap Monday

You know what? I think it`s more difficult to online shop here in Montreal than in South Korea. Because in Korea, there are freaking loads of stores, brands and even they don`t have off-line store in Korea. Almost every sites surely ship to Korea. But here, I was trying to find a right online store having all Cheap Monday products - clothes, shoes, accessories and so on. But it`s too difficult. Actually Asos has Cheap Monday as well but when it comes to Sunglasses, they have only two yet... 

This is the official Cheap monday site.


And this is all my best. They have almost everything in Cheap Monday I guess. 

-Shopping Site-

1. Revolve

Actually, Revolve is online select shop like Shopbob. They have many brands and are on sale many times. :)x

I filtered the prices in less than 100CAD. So, you can click that link above and shop there!

2. Smartbuyglasses

If you already have a specific idea of brand of sunglasses, you can shop here!
They offer very gentile prices haha.

Or, you can go to Ebay, if you don`t mind. Actually I bought a Rayban at Ebay in very reasonable price. But it`s still shipping to me ... it`s been 3 weeks tho... 

  By the way, when I was in Korea (of course South!!), our shipping service was freaking fast. Order something online, next day you can get them in real. If you ordered in the morning before 11a.m., it will be delivered in the afternoon. Well I suppose almost every country except CANADA does like Korea what about your country? I love Montreal so much but I don`t do online shop here as much as I did in Korea. Because even though I order in a shop located in Montreal, I should be waiting for it delivered for at least 4days.. :/  How come it take so long time? What you guys do with my box? Maybe 1st day for folding a box. 2nd day for putting my stuffs 3nd day for calling post office and getting them out. 4th day for delivering? Phew.. Canada, you should be changed. Or should I be changed? Being slow..? But anyhow, I`m already fed up with waiting for something/someone! 


My Favorite Designer - Christopher Kane

Friday, June 19, 2015

I love his works,

▼ His Collections Archive ▼


 His pieces are always neat - it doesn`t  mean 'minimal'- and have some cute deets. Okay I`m gonna explain my word 'neat'. You know, some clothes are not finished neatly and we can see that even through our monitors. But his ones are not and besides its finishing touches, the combinations of colors and styling are also very neat. Well I love that style for the ages, because this style makes me more look smart not naughty and mostly it goes with me very well. Plus, I love when someone styles in that way too.  

Resort 16

Look, there are many colors but they mixed very well. This styling and all items are based on Black color and have a point with red. So that`s also why it doesn`t look messy and unmatched. The cute deets that I said about is like that, the clutch!! I`m gonna put some captions about it. 

Shoes laces and bag`s straps

Pockets in lace and the point matching this one piece with casual shoes.

 transparency bag and the buttons of the coat matching with earrings.

That bag tho...!!!

Matching bag and shoes

 I love that cardigan so much!!

Damm cute that collar.

of course collar and that hearts


hearts on the shoes

hearts hearts

I think in this collections hidden key item is HEART! Almost every piece has it! 
If there`s no heart on a clothes then the model is wearing a heart shaped earrings or bag in heart or what. YAY! I got it! haha

By the way, I knew him for the first time when I was in a middle school. Apparently he was a new designer, but his works were very amazing at that time as well. Recently I went to his official site. Well, It had been so long time that I`d seen his collections yet. So, when I went his site, I was like "Oh my days.. why did I forget him for the long long time..". His collections are so amazing, so gorgeous. Just check them! A picture is worth a thousand words. You can get same impressions of him as mine.


London Collections Men SS16

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
London Collections Men was just finished! It was from 12th -15th June. The shows are amazing so check them out on their sites (if you were not in London at that time like me). In fact, I`m just studying with the collections to figure out what is on our trends and to know new designers. I`m still watching all videos of collections though. Here are my faves from now on. X

Alexander McQueen (Men`s)


Christopher Shannon

His works are so amusing. He changed the conception -he made something inside to be outside, 'from bottom to top' to 'from top to bottom' and so on. 

Burberry Prorsum (Men`s)

I`ve never noticed that guys go with lace very well!! 

Matthew Miller

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