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Summer Breeze In Montreal

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Finally Real Summer came in Montreal!

 Definitely Summer was not my favorite season. But since I`ve lived in Montreal, I always missed summer breeze, sun, and even sweaty armpits haha. So finally, it`s summer. It`s my first summer in Montreal, I`m so excited! I`m looking for some festivals such as rock festival, jazz festival, and so on. CAN`T WAITTT!!!

My favorite couple Yoko & John on a boat

Girls In The Summer

 By the way, as a GIRL, the summer is also the most difficult weather. How difficult?What`s difficult? Why difficult? It`s better to say, there`re so much things girls have to care about in the summer. Okay, First, have you ever imagine a period in the summer? NO.. That`s worst scenario ever.. but we have to go through it. Second, for sure, DIET. Well there`re some girls who do not care about their body.. but I`m sure most girls do. Maybe more than most. haha In the summer, we should go to a beach or even if you`ll not go to the beach, you`ll wear shorts or tank top or some kind of revealing clothes because it`s fucking hot!! You`ll die if you don`t wear that clothes. Third, WAXING.. I hate it. But I have to do. Yea, I do it in the winter as well but you know, in the summer, we have to do more than in rhe winter. Because if not, all people passed by will see my furry armpits. Fourth, Pedicure, I`m not a girl who really enjoys to put some polish on my nails or toenails. But we should do at least clean our toenails well. I mean literally pediCURE. You don`t have to go to a salon. You can do it by yourself at your home. 

Cut my sort of long bang on a regular basis. Failed as usual. Okay. It`s just hair. It growS up. Time only can save me. 

Every Morning My Room`s Like...
I`m pretty sure that most of girls like me.
I`m not the only one.
Don`t judge me!

- All clothes&sandals from Gap-

T shirt - Gap
Dungarees - Zara

 I should do a post about my Gap Pieces. I love Gap. (Zara, you too.) 


 Here, Montreal is really good place to enjoy the summer. Because there`re lots of parks!!! and a small beach as well ( I`ve never been there but according to my friends` saying, it was OKAY.. haha Better then no beach. )
 Anyway, parks are always free. You don`t have to pay for sitting in a bench tho so enjoy the sun in a park! I went to the Old Port Park once, it was soooo good. It was little bit cold when I went there BUT was so good. ooooooo.. I`ll go there soon. Fortunately, there`re a loads of parks nearby my place hehe >< Gonna go there cheating with my friends or reading a book drinking a cool beer. Perfect combinations!

Old port park

Old port park

o p p

o p p 
 Recently, last Friday in actual, I went to Mont-royal park as an activity in my french class. That park was also good as every park does. haha. The Mont-royal park was really huge so it`s really good place for playing frisbee or hanging out with your dogs and so on. But if you want to go to a picnic, I recommend the Old Port Park more. Because.. well.. I don`t know exactly why but in the old port park, there`re more attractions such as river, architectures, .. like that. However, in mont-royal park, there`s only green green grass. that`s all. Well, that is all parks are. I don`t know, for me, usually the picnics are more cheerful then just hanging out in a park. It was just my opinion. You can enjoy the picnic in both parks, anyway. I don`t know what am I saying about tho. hahahaha

mont-royal park

mont-royal park

mont-royal park
I think I`m not a real montrealer yet. 

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