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Thursday, April 9, 2015

I know my tummy.. hahahhahahaha 
That`s why I`m on diet. 

Tank top - H&M
Cap - Aritzia

 Finding a cap is really hard to me. I`m not a sporty or pop girl, I`ve been thinking cap and snapback are not for me. However, you know, sometimes I want to wear a cap! so I was looking for a cap which is really suite for me. then finally, I got it! I wanted to get a denim snap back, but unfortunately it wasn`t going with me well. Because this cap was behind of the denim cap, so I grabbed this mesh white cap and tried this on. It was perrrfect for me. Cute enough, very sporty so right for my workout - climbing(coming up is right verb tho) Mont-Royal and the SUMMER.  


· · · · · · ZZZZZZ..

메롱 :P



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