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Sunday, February 8, 2015

 My late January favorites :))

They are empty now!

-Lush ; Herbalism-

This is kind of cleanser. It looks like mask pack but it isn`t. At first I felt it`s quite strong to me because of the texture. BUT! oh my goodness.. it`s sooooooooooo good. It makes my skin so shine and soft. Plus, it scrub your skin so it`s very very good to wash out all of your dirties on your skin. I highly recommend it!!
I`ll buy it again soon! xx

-Clinique ; Clarifying lotion-

Actually this toner is my favorite one and I always use it! One day, I wanted to switch other toner because I was bored by this one. So I changed my toner to other one but, I always missed this Clinique one. I think Clinique toner is very right for me. 
I love you, Clinique!

Back to my home

I met my friends!! SO SO FUN.
always fun with them lol

 W/ Sola

We are such a perfect duo lol

Love knits ♥

In a cozy day with knits. perfect match!

This sweater is from Gap.
I didn`t notice that Gap`s knits were so good.

If you need some knits then go to GAP!
So great qualities with affordable price.

Plus, this Uniqlo`s heat-tech tights are so warm!
cheap and hot, perfect for winter looks


Cuz I`m home now, I`m going to make my vids again. I rested for a long time tho. 
Keeping my blogs hehe.

See you soon!♡

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