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Hate The Move!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Because I will leave in 20 days to Canada, I have to go back to my hometown. You know, I live in a little studio in Seoul because of Uni. So it`s time to go back to my home. real home. But.. shit. I hate packing all stuffs.......pheww.. It`s crazy. dunno when it will be end.... ha :((((((( Actually I don`t like to use "Hate" in a sentence, but today. This is how "hate" is. I made 7 boxes to send to my home. You know what, the one thing that makes me crazy is how can I bring those boxes to post office. I have no car!!!!!! Anyway I just caught a cap but that driver didn`t like to do that.. So I have to pay some tips for him. Thank you so much the driver!

But I`m still in the hell. I have more things to send..haha...


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