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Friday, February 27, 2015

I arrived here, Montreal on Monday. Still can`t get over my jet lag tho..
So I just decided to writing something on my blog haha.


The most exciting thing getting a flight ticket is I can get a ticket for duty free as well.
Alcohol? Purse? Cosmetic?.. What are you interested in?
Me, definitely cosmetics.
I don`t know why but whenever I`m in duty free shop, then I feel like I have to get some cosmetics. Duty free makes me a duty for buy them.:P
so, here`s what I got from duty free shops!


What I got from duty free shops 

1. Lancôme

 I highly recommend this skin care routine!! 
I have a combination skin type. My forehead and nose are little bit oily but around my cheeks are dry. I had some acne before ( acne comes up before my period started) so there are some marks of that :(  

① Hydrazen Neocalm Aqua Gel Fresh 


It`s a toner obviously. It is like a jell but feels not sticky but very watery and smoothly.
Very fresh and light.

I don`t like a jell type toner because it`s too heavy to refresh after taking a shower. But this is not heavy. Very light actually but it moisturize my skin for a long time.  

② Hydra Zen Neocalm Extreme Smoothing Gel Cream


It`s very good to use in every morning. Not heavy as well. Do you know the most important thing a day cream required? Making your skin perfect to makeup. You know, not too moisturizing but not too dry. (Some creams are like, very moisturizing at first but all the feelings of moisturizing my skins are gone even after 30 min. Then my skins gonna be dry again.) 

③ Hydrazen Neocalm Gel Essence

This essence also moisturize my skin and make my skin tones up brightly. Plus, it`s really good for calming down your troubles such as spots, acne and so on.

I recommend you using ① - ③ together if you want to follow my skin care routine. I think using same collection in a same brand is more effective. 

④ Advanced Génifique Yeux

I heard that we have to apply an eye cream since we are very young to protect to get some wrinkles around our eyes. So I`m 19 (21 in Korea) I thought it`s time to get a eye cream! About this eye cream, I have no idea yet because I know that it doesn`t come out in 1 or 2 days. After using it for 3 months, I will post about it again.

⑤Virtuôse precious cells mascara (duty free only)

This is my favorite mascara ever! The first time I met this bae was on July 2014. I used it until October 2014. Then I went to department  store to get it but they said " sorry, this mascara has been discontinued. You can get it at duty free shops only." So!! I was looking forward to get it again! and I got it for 3!!! I got 3 xp SO EXCITED! That was on the promotion! Yea~~~

Volume, Looking natural, Curling - PERFECT!


I got them for free!

La vie est belle(perfume)

Genifique - really good.. oh I wish I bought it...


love it!♥

2. Clinique

Clarifying Lotion3

My one and only lotion ♥
Even though I bought a toner form Lancome but I bought this one as well. Because it`s very useful! You can use it whenever you want to refresh your skin, especially in the morning! 

I think you`d better to get more than 2 types of toner/lotion. Every day, every time your skin condition is not same. Sometimes it needs more moisturizing and sometimes not. 

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

I really like!!!!! 
Make your skin clear and fresh!

How to Use 

As you can see, it`s not strong. it works very gently on my cheeks.

More information here▼

3. Shu uemura

Hard Formula -Seal brown 02

I used 'Stone Gray' but I changed it because of my new hair color.

Glow on - blush, M soft apricot 521

I didn`t buy a case of the blush. In my opinion, it`s not worth much.

4. M.A.C

Studio Fix Fluid - NC25

Perfect to me!

When you want to get a perfect foundation to you, then Go To Shops without makeup! Try any foundation on your face! not on a hand.. That`s the way to find out perfect one for you!! 

Retro Matte Relentlessly Red

Always perfect lipsticks you have, M.A.C! ♥

Mineralize Skinfinish - Medium Dark

The clerk gave me this box :) Thank you!


Those are the things! :)
+ here`s ones that I got in Montreal.

5. Kiehl`s

Facial Fuel UV Gard

After having a skin-type test at Kiehl`s. I got this sun block according to the result.

Actually this is for men but the clerk said it doesn`t matter women use it. Because it`s for men because men have oily skin type. I don`t have a totally oily skin. But for sunblock, I use something for oily skin. I hate the sticky feeling after applying a sun block. Most sun blocks for oily skin type don`t have that texture, this one either. So I love it!! very watery but it`s spf 50!!   
Women`s essential tho.

 Skin care - Lancome line
Foundation - Mac
Eyebrows - Shu uemura
Lips - the sample lipstick from Lancome
Cheek - Shu uemura
Contouring - Mac

( Mascara is from VDL)

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