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Linda McCatney -

Friday, November 7, 2014

Linda McCartney

 Exhibition of Linda McCartney is held now!!
06/Nov/2014 ~ 26/Apr/2015
I visited the museum on 5/Nov.
Because I got a pre-opening invitation.
The exhibition is curated by members of her family and Daelim museum, in collaboration with Linda Enterprises Limited. 

Actually I watched "Muscle shoals" in Aus.
To be honesty, it was boring.
because I didn`t know about Rolling stones or Mick jagger or kind of like that.
I was too young to know that.
(I`m still young haha)
Anyway, and also I wasn`t interested in that kind of music.
so, it was boring
However, after I saw the exhibition of Yoko Ono and this, Linda McCartney
now I`m curious about that old pop and the atmosphere of that time they lived.

so-called, her selfie.
with short hair.
struggling against breast cancer.

-Resting Time-


It shows why I decided to be a vegetarian.
when I saw this picture, I just stopped and stared it a long time.
It motivated more and more to stay as a vegetarian.
and give me a proud.

I think she was very attractive when she was young.

my favorite couple.
John and Yoko

I bought many of post cards and two posters.
i love them!!!

I want to take a picture like Linda.

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