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Friday, November 7, 2014
 Yesterday, I was in Gang-nam with my best friend Hyeon Young !
We went to BOBIRED to get some dinner.
We chose it because many bloggers recommended it!

 The atmosphere was like an music bar.
I`m not sure but it was kind of noisy..haha

ME ;

Actually I was very hard to choose the menu.
Did I tell you guys I`m trying to be vegetarian?
now I`m a semi vegetarian.
( I eat egg,dairy product and fish but not meat.)
so... BOBIRED was not a good restaurant for Vegetarian...:(

we thought plates would be very small so just ordered 2 of pasta
but they werent..
too much for us!!!
It looks like dishes for 4 people. haha

this is for my friend.

and this is for me
What The..
There were the meal..
i was disappointed.
My friend said, just eat. don`t feel guilty.
But I can`t.
Actually I missed pork, beef, and chicken.
 However, when I chewed the meat which in that pasta&rice,
it was like .. oooh.. I can`t.
It was very guilty.
so I just ate that pasta and veges. 


I was scared by that dogs.
Why they hated me :(..?  

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