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is it really monday? huh? TOO SAD..

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Hi there, so busy days these days.
part-time job, study, volunteering work..and so on.
it feels like I`m staying with a swarm of bees.
it`s like to avoid bees, running around here and there.
for me, to avoid failing to do something that I want to do,
I`m running here and there to grasp my goals.
Maybe it would be hard to avoid bees, but after that work, you can save your life!
that`s my point.
my present is same with that situation. I mean someone with bees! lol

 I got this hat at H&M
It is perfect!

 baby blue X deep blue jean

 i LOVE these jeans!! that color!! I love that

 lip, Shu Uemura

weird bye

my friends and I, at the festival.
fĂȘte fĂȘte


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