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is it really monday? huh? TOO SAD..

Sunday, September 21, 2014

 I got this hat at H&M
It is perfect!

 baby blue X deep blue jean

 i LOVE these jeans!! that color!! I love that

 lip, Shu Uemura

weird bye

my friends and I, at the festival.
fête fête


After Chuseok Holidays, working again.

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Hi :) I`m Reenie

What did I do for chuseok?

( chuseok holiday was 7.Sep - 10.Sep)
First, go to Home real home. - hometown and also my parents` house
 Actually It was little bit boring. haha

 Family got along with each other, made some food and prayed for dead ancestor (so called 'Jaesa'). We had only 1day for chuseok and left 2days for holiday. My parents and I were enjoying the shopping ! Then nextday, I backed to Seoul. Alone again. :(
 I went to theater with my friend in chuseok holiday :)
waiting for movie, having some drinks. it was so good XD!!


 I really recommend this serum.(left) you should get it!

 this is for my mother. I didn`t use them but it will be good. I like this series!
After I used the serum(my recommendation), I became a big fan of this
 I get only a BBcream. Basically I do not use bbcream but foundation. but I needed a bbcream because when I want to have a light makeup, foundation is too heavy.:(

WHEN I GO BACK TO SEOUL, mommy always give me foods, fruits, and so on. 
I was happy :)!!!
my last view at parent` home

you know what? I`ve got a part time job!!
I work at four season guest house :-)
I know it will be tough and hard but I want to do this job
 because I believe it could be fun!
please lol


À bientôt!

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