Hi guys

Hi I`m Reenie
I wanna show you guys how many great foods in Seoul!
Seoul is very busy but I like that point.
Here`s what did I eat in Seoul.


bua, itaewon

bua, itaewon : it was soooo good!
it`s Thai restaurant. you should go there!!!

bingsu (λΉ™μˆ˜) , ice flake in korean.



myeong-dong korean korean restaurant

when me and my friend went to Han-river, we brought cup-cakes and some drinks!
actually most people eat fried chicken in Han-river. I don`t know why but chicken at Han-river park is so good!
I posted that story at another (old) blog.


it`s really famous bingsu brand in korea. "seol bing"(μ„€λΉ™)
you can joy traditional tasty desert!

samgae-tang; it`s like chicken soup.
we eat it to refresh ourselves against hard things.

she`s my friend. anyway that looks like not korean food.
but there is korean one!

actually this restaurant is in Gwangju
haha but It was so good that I pick that photo.



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