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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to school

 Some guys already got back to school, but my University is started on September. I think most of university in Korea is started 2nd semester on September.
Awwwwwwww yeah, only one day left. tomorrow I`m gonna go to my university and study again.

 When I left my home home, my hometown. 
I got relax at my hometown for 5days!
 me and my mom love Snickers!! 
before I go to bed, at my home not my studio in Seoul. 

 right after back to Seoul, I had plans to meet someone who helps me out :)

 I`m really not good at cooking but I can make this salad well. haha
who can`t make it lol
just put out this green things which is already cut and pour some salad dressing.

 make up make up <3
 for ?

 you can find out it`s very small studio where I live in Seoul.
it`s normal


I should prepare for back to school now 
you know, clothes, bags, cosmetics, books, and so on haha
Fist day is always with perfect outfits.


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