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back to school

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to school

 Some guys already got back to school, but my University is started on September. I think most of university in Korea is started 2nd semester on September.
Awwwwwwww yeah, only one day left. tomorrow I`m gonna go to my university and study again.

 When I left my home home, my hometown. 
I got relax at my hometown for 5days!
 me and my mom love Snickers!! 
before I go to bed, at my home not my studio in Seoul. 

 right after back to Seoul, I had plans to meet someone who helps me out :)

 I`m really not good at cooking but I can make this salad well. haha
who can`t make it lol
just put out this green things which is already cut and pour some salad dressing.

 make up make up <3
 for ?

 you can find out it`s very small studio where I live in Seoul.
it`s normal


I should prepare for back to school now 
you know, clothes, bags, cosmetics, books, and so on haha
Fist day is always with perfect outfits.



home sweet home

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hi guys

Friday, August 15, 2014
Hi I`m Reenie
I wanna show you guys how many great foods in Seoul!
Seoul is very busy but I like that point.
Here`s what I ate in Seoul.


bua, itaewon

bua, itaewon : it was soooo good!
it`s Thai restaurant. you should go there!!!

bingsu (빙수) , ice flake in korean.



myeong-dong korean korean restaurant

when me and my friend went to Han-river, we brought cup-cakes and some drinks!
actually most people eat fried chicken in Han-river. I don`t know why but chicken at Han-river park is so good!
I posted that story at another (old) blog.

it`s really famous bingsu brand in korea. "seol bing"(설빙)
you can joy traditional tasty desert!

samgae-tang; it`s like chicken soup.
we eat it to refresh ourselves against hard things.

she`s my friend. anyway that looks like not korean food.
but there is korean one!

actually this restaurant is in Gwangju
haha but It was so good that I pick that photo.



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